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Guess the Business Sector: the ultimate quiz!
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Some thoughts about creativity…
Creativity can be a no end notion, and we wanted to share with you some thoughts found on this page
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Business Ethics, another word for social responsibility
Business ethics can be a broad notion when you don’t know it. Are we speaking about an ethics in the
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Sustainable business: what is it?
A sustainable business is what we all want in our lives. But what does it really mean when we speak
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Prime Male – Natural Testosterone Supplement
Testosterone supplementation industry has originated a few decades ago. Now it prospers. Moreover, it is not going to lose speedy
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Test your knowledge of the Dow Jones industrial average
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How Confident Are You in Business?
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The Most Profitable Companies In America!
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We are proud to introduce our Strategic Business Information Website
Since 2009, ATG Incorporated is encouraging people to get business ideas with 3 main axis of research :

  • Creativity
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Business ethics

We are proud to help small and mid-size companies in Europe and US to find the best model to ensure a long term success in business.

We keep at your disposal to study with you the best opportunities, whatever your sector, your geographical situation or development phasis.

If we enter into a stronger relationship, our collaboration plan is composed by several steps to maximize your chances of success with us :

  • Preliminary studies (financial, human resources, competences, technical)
  • Ethics and responsibility evaluation
  • Objectives, planning and action plan
  • Initiatives follow-up and adjustments
  • Yearly evaluation and KPI analysis

You want to get inspired ?
Look at this very instructive video, and dont hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.